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1st Event Hanoi

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSuCId004t0&w=480&h=390]

We have a lovely night on March 5th at Green Mango with our first Charity Event. The artists, with their talent and passion, warmed up all the audience! We have amazing songs performed by Always, Inyigo and Tung, Phuong Dang, and Toothbrush. We would love to thank all of the talented artists for their devotion!

You are wondering about our raffle prizes? Yes, people LOVE them. Unfortunately they all ran into the crowd with the prizes and big big smiles, and we were unable to catch them to show their names here. (Please, leave a comment if you were our lucky winner! People here are curious to know about you!)

So, again, we thank our sponsors for giving us the adorable prizes, for giving us the venue, for giving us the music, and actually giving us the event. We thank the kind and lovely audience who attended the event and donated to our fund. The fund raised from the event was not large, though, we know you donated with a biggest and warmest care about the ethnic people in Ta Phin.

We are trying our best to turn this project into reality, and yes, you are parts of its. Please keep in touch and keep yourself up-to-date with our progress!


I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the soul of this project. I arrived in Vietnam in October 2010 for a voluntary period, looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.
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