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Newsletter Ta Phin – Sapa – Vietnam Project

From a team of two enthusiastic volunteers, now the project has attracts the interest and collaboration of many reputable individuals and organizations. The very first group is the architect team of Mr. Hoang Thuc Hao, a talented architect who has just won the FuturArc Prize for his previous green community house. Another precious contribution comes from the Vietnam Young Professionals. This is a group of young volunteers who work under sponsorship of Community Development Funds and Asian Coalition for Housing Rights. Their experiences in similar projects are really helpful for this mission.

Ms. Pham Kieu Phuc, a talented interior designer, the owner of Module 7, assists us with the house design, event management and much more.

Designer:  Ms. Pham Kieu Phuc


Vania Lopes, a Landscape Architect, support this Project with the garden design.The charity event brings about many supportive contacts. We capture the attention from many media channels such as Vietnam Media (TTXVN), The New Hanoian, The Link Hanoi and Hanoi Grapevine. They are all spreading the word about this project with lots of positive comments!

Landscape:  Ms. Vania Lopes



I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the soul of this project. I arrived in Vietnam in October 2010 for a voluntary period, looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.
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