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RED DREAM Project Anniversary! We keep working!


At the end of 2010 after a visit to Ta Phin, Sapa, in Vietnam I decided to start a project. I only had one purpose: help this community, the Red Dao ethnic minority people. After four years, I feel that this project is one the most important things that happened in my life!

How it happened? Just feeling and a big desire to contribute for a better world! The support and trust of my friends keep me very focus in working hard in this project and achieve the main goal: “a sustainable project with a positive impact”!

Many donations have been received, five charities events in Hanoi was done, US Grant approved twice and the support from many people and organizations around the world specially from Vietnam made it happen! It was a long way, but extraordinary experience.

We are currently working with some organizations to start with the educational activities and responsible tours as Foot Print (http://www.footprintsvietnam.com/) , Handspan (http://www.handspan.com/) , Discovery Vietnam (http://vietnamdiscovery.com/) and RTC Vietnam (http://www.rtcvietnam.org/)

What this community earn from this? They get a Community House to work there, organic farming training and our support to find new ways to have an extra income, preserving their culture and dignity.

What I learn from this and what’s my advice for all people who wants to start a development project far away? My big learning is that you need to follow your feelings and dreams without questioning too much! Make all research you need to do but keep your passion on fire. Listen all the advices from experts and experienced people but trust on your dream. Don’t analyze too much and do it, try and try again! Choose carefully your team, volunteering is nice but has some problems, there is not too much commitment!

What’s the most important learning? TRUST! Be always honest with  you and the community, construct trust, do what you said you will do, make things happen and never quit! Ask always what they want and collaborate with other groups that already have the experience on the field.

A big thank you to all contributors and friends who made it possible!

We keep working on the project! Here is a video of “RED DREAM PROJECT”! Thank you CBT Vietnam (http://www.cbtvietnam.com/) for the collaboration and Kyle Sandilans (http://www.kylesandilands.ca/main.html) for the production!

THANK YOU, Viviana



Working on a Sustainable Land


Red Dream team has been working on the sustainability of the land for the conservation garden. Miss Huong Nguyen is our expert in this field. Some details of the field work.

Purposes:  to lessen chemical fertilizer use and enrich soil fertility (especially in chemical-contaminated area)

Procedure: ~45 days

Mix: Cattle dung (1000 kg) + Rice brown (50 kg) + Rice husk charcoal (20kg) + Alcohol ferment (0.3 kg) (all the components’ amount are approximate)

The mixture was stored in cool, dry place and in close-mouthed bags (recycle from fertilizer or seed bags) to encourage fermentation; checked every day or every other day and mixed in open area if material temperature exceeds 65C. (At the beginning, daily mixture is required but lessened during the whole period). The end product is odorless and fine, possibly with white fungus hyphae.

Note: rice brown is used to feed bacteria in alcohol ferment and thus could be alternated with disease-free plant materials (plant residue or grass).

Usage: basal and top dressing, as much as needed. Application can be as much as 1 kg/m2/year” for soil fertility improvement. In case of eggplant, a single plant need 20kg from sowing to harvest.

The farmers in the pictures are applying “Bokashi” compost to artichoke. They saw more vigorous plants compared with limited fertilizer investment practice. The plants are expected to be less susceptible to pests and diseases (more updates will be provided later as the plants grow bigger).





I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the soul of this project. I arrived in Vietnam in October 2010 for a voluntary period, looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.
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