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Amazing goal!



Victoria Hotel accepted to collaborate with Red Dream Project! They are going to buy vegetables from Ta Phin. We really need to work hard and provide the best quality, first they are going to taste the current vegetables available, then we will see the diference with the EMINA solution and the final goal will be to provide bio-dynamic vegetables from Ta Phin. But we cannot forgot that the main goal is to achieve a sustainable way to do that, should be sustainable for the local people, if not, it doesn’t make sense!

Agricultural Training!



Last weekend we started with the agricultural training with the Red Dao people at the Community House. We help them to implement the use of EMINA natural fertilizer. We send to them 50l of this solution to Ta Phin and each family will use it at their place. We expect to improve the quality and production of the vegetables during the hard winter season. It is really impressive to see their commitment as they accepted to pay the transport cost of this product from Hanoi to Ta Phin. This weekend we will have the second part of the training.


May Chan translating Huong's instruction into Dao's Questions and Answers


I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the soul of this project. I arrived in Vietnam in October 2010 for a voluntary period, looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.
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