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Project aims

  1. Project overall goal

The ultimate goal of this project is to improve the livelihood of local people in Ta Phin.

  1. Project objectives
  • To reduce the difference among neighborhoods in Ta Phin by providing an extra source of income for people living in poor neighborhoods.
  • To raise awareness of the need to suppress the recently developed habit of chasing tourists
  • To foster understanding and respect of both local people and tourists toward the ethnic traditions, cultural diversity.
  • To improve the skills of local people in tourism conduct, resource management and plant cultivation.
  • Decrease the dependence of tourism and achieve income sustainability in the local village
  1. Expected results
  • Creation of a community house with an exhibition garden in a poor neighborhood of Ta Phin (Sa Xeng community).
  • Awareness of participants towards assuming their own traditions with dignity, and disseminating them to other local ethnic groups, and to foreigners.
  • Compromise of participants to adopt a good practice code of behavior in their interaction with tourists, and to disseminate it to other local people.
  • Development of knowledge and skills on tourism conduct, resource management and bio-dynamic plant cultivation, with fast returns to the local communities.
  • Creation of an extra source of income for participants: (i) directly from selling products at the community house, and (ii) indirectly from the knowledge and skills gained..
  • Implement an organic weekly market at the community house and a program of bio-dymanic farming.
  1. Target groups

Beneficiaries of the project are the local population in Ta Phin, tourists who are interested in the village, responsible tourism agencies, and other related groups of people.

Local people: The local population of 2,766 people directly gains from extra sources of income, training programs, and other social welfare provided by the project. As the local population is mostly made up of ethnic minority groups, the improvements in awareness, respect, and protection of ethnic cultures also benefit them. Through the proposed training programs, young generations of ethnic minorities gain: (i) knowledge and respect of their own cultures, (ii) skills of management and cultivation, and (iii) availability of resources for their sustainable use.

Twenty women will attend the training that would be for two months. Training programs are organized on a regular basis and targeted toward local people. Forty two families live in this area, we expect that in the long term all the families could profit of the extra income with this project.

Proposed contents include

  • agriculture practices, plant cultivation techniques
  • use of fertilizers and agricultural products,
  • sustainable harvest of resources,
  • recycle of byproducts,
  • indigenous knowledge of using plants: discussion and transfer
  • children and youth education about plants and traditional knowledge

Tourists and responsible tourism agencies: Since local people understand that chasing tourists is a bad routine that backfires on their well-being, this practice will be less frequent. Therefore, tourists will no longer be disturbed and annoyed while traveling to the village, and they will be more prone to get involved in (and benefit from) the promotion of responsible tourism in the region. They also will have a new facility to know better the local cultures and products: the community house.

Other related groups of people: Local livelihood, including the knowledge and skills local people, the management of natural resources, and the awareness of outsiders, will be sustainably improved. This is expected to generate various direct benefits for people whose activities are related to Ta Phin (e.g., governmental officers, drivers, vendors).


I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the soul of this project. I arrived in Vietnam in October 2010 for a voluntary period, looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.
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