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The Project

The Project

RED Dream project is an independent, private project committed to the respect of the Red Dao people in Ta Phin, Sapa, Vietnam.  RED Dream was co-founded in 2010 (December) by Viviana Lopes, Finance background, Linh Ngan, Biologist, and Ly May Chan, Red Dao community leader.  The project’s core values are Responsibility, Education and Conservation, and its ultimate goal is the sustainable development of the local region with respect for cultural diversity and the natural environment.

The RED Dream Project started on December 15, 2010 by a group of Vietnamese and International volunteers to help the minority people in Ta Phin. We decided to construct a Community House for the Red Dao community. After some charity events to raise money for the project, we could finally start the construction on September 15, 2011. The main goal was the acceptance from the villagers and local government as a community house to work on, for activities and for a different way of life instead the handicrafts market as everywhere.

The Community receive also organic farming training. We have tested different solutions and one is the EMINA bio-active solution. The solution was compounded by Prof. Nguyen Quang Thach (Hanoi University of Agriculture). This solution, which is meant to accelerate the decomposition of farm waste, was very well received for its accidental by-benefit. The villagers once feed the ill animals with the solution and they get well faster. Therefore, they proposed to have it often for winter illness prevention and cure for their animals.

Eurasia Association Vietnam was also collaborating with us for the bio-dynamic farming. A special meeting in Hue with Tho Havinh PhD, Chairman was great and we discuss about the best way for the collaboration. We still believe in a future collaboration.


I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the soul of this project. I arrived in Vietnam in October 2010 for a voluntary period, looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.
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