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This project is proposed by a board team, collaborating specialists, and local people in Ta Phin:

Board team:

Ly May Chan: She is the leader of Red Dao community in Ta Phin, a CEO of Sapanapro company, the leader of the handicraft team and a well-known activist in community development. She is the source of the baseline ideas of this project on the grounds of her deep understanding of social and political issues of Ta Phin. Her knowledge about the village and its people is essential to develop practical strategies. Her credibility with local people is crucial to facilitate the implementation of the project. Her experience with previous community projects is necessary to establish an appropriate activity plan.

Viviana Lopes: She holds a master degree in Finance and was working as a volunteer in Vietnam since 2010. In this project, she is responsible for donation raising and financial management. She programs and supervises the activities to ensure this project runs effectively. She is also the manager of the corporate affairs of the project.

Hoàng Thúc Hào: an architect who has built a green community house in Luong Son, Hoa Binh (the Suoi Re Village Community House) and donate the house to the local people. He is in charge of the design and construction. In the same line as the green community, he will based on the same strategy,saving energy, using local materials, etc.

Suoi Re Village Community House

Suoi Re Village Community House


Collaborating specialists:

Tung Pham: young architect who is responsible for the construction process.

Mr. Au: engineer with experience in community houses, as the bamboo house in Hoa Bin district.

Huong Nguyen: functional manager, she will be in charge of the trainings for the local people.

Tuyet Ta, Young Professionals Team: project advisers at the beginning of the project

Linh Ngo: She is a student in crop science who has spent two years studying in Ta Phin. She understands the biological resources and crop cultivation in this village. She was in charge of the management at the beginning and still following the project from US.

Vania Lopes: landscape architect, she is in charge of the landscape and the conservation garden of medicinal plants.

Local people:

The local people in Ta Phin helped on the constructin of the community house, engage in the discussion and adoption of a code of conduct, participate in training and outreach programs, and foster a responsible behavior towards tourists.

Collaborating advisors:

Giang Dang

Chris Carnovale (CBT Vietnam)

Berny Cunningham


Collaborating Film / Videographer:

Kyle Sandilands 


Collaborating Hotels

Victoria Hotel

TET Lifestyle Collection


Collaborating Agencies

Handspan, Hoang Nguyen 

Discovery Vietnam, Bui Trung Thanh

Footprint, Dang Xuan Son

RTC Vietnam, Dang Xuan Son


I am a passionate woman who follows her dreams. My strong personality and sensitivity is a reflection of the soul of this project. I arrived in Vietnam in October 2010 for a voluntary period, looking for a balance in my life, I just realized how important is the ethical and sustainable meanings in life, people and work.
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