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Working on a Sustainable Land


Red Dream team has been working on the sustainability of the land for the conservation garden. Miss Huong Nguyen is our expert in this field. Some details of the field work.

Purposes:  to lessen chemical fertilizer use and enrich soil fertility (especially in chemical-contaminated area)

Procedure: ~45 days

Mix: Cattle dung (1000 kg) + Rice brown (50 kg) + Rice husk charcoal (20kg) + Alcohol ferment (0.3 kg) (all the components’ amount are approximate)

The mixture was stored in cool, dry place and in close-mouthed bags (recycle from fertilizer or seed bags) to encourage fermentation; checked every day or every other day and mixed in open area if material temperature exceeds 65C. (At the beginning, daily mixture is required but lessened during the whole period). The end product is odorless and fine, possibly with white fungus hyphae.

Note: rice brown is used to feed bacteria in alcohol ferment and thus could be alternated with disease-free plant materials (plant residue or grass).

Usage: basal and top dressing, as much as needed. Application can be as much as 1 kg/m2/year” for soil fertility improvement. In case of eggplant, a single plant need 20kg from sowing to harvest.

The farmers in the pictures are applying “Bokashi” compost to artichoke. They saw more vigorous plants compared with limited fertilizer investment practice. The plants are expected to be less susceptible to pests and diseases (more updates will be provided later as the plants grow bigger).




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